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Strategic Collaborations

Diplomathon Global / Strategic Collaborations

AEPL strives to collaborate with industry members of diverse streams to strengthen programs in education excellence. Strategic partnerships include sectors such as Rural-urban immersions, K-12 Institutions venturing into experiential programs, Teacher Training, Channel outreach, marketing and communication to synchronise all the branches relevant to the education tree.  AEPL continuously strives to engage academics and industry with each other to focus on a boardroom x classroom connect in the 21st century. With a rapid development in technology, resources, awareness, curricula and changing job patterns, this service is a dynamic one which is presented to the educators/students at large with progressive concepts and immersive programs. Real time experience in industry concepts is a niche avenue the team is constantly devising.

1. Industry linked Programs

2. CSR Programs & Fundraising

3. Product Development

4. Go-to-market strategy

• Identifying target audience
• Defining value proposition
• Price positioning
• Market expansion

Operations Management

5. Research Reports

• Primary & Secondary Research
• Identify, process, select, and evaluate data
• Consumer trend & behavioural analysis
• Project review
• End to end formulation of reports

Sales & Channel Excellence

• Growth identification
• Multi channel strategies
• Upscale product availability

Diplomathon Global