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How do the allocations take place?

The representing contingent of a school is bifurcated across the various committees available at the conference with at least one delegation being present across every committee (depending on the availability of the same). The School Faculty Advisor is sent the available list of profiles & committees being allocated to the school & are then requested to kindly allot every delegate in accordance to the same.

What is the minimum & maximum contingent size?

There is no Minimum / Maximum Contingent size at Diplomathon. However, every conference depending on the location, size, committees & eligible grades has an ideal contingent size to ensure equal representation of a school across all the committees. For more details of the same kindly write to us at

What is the role of students?

All students who participate in Diplomathon enroll themselves for a conference which simulates various important International Organisations like the United Nations, GCC, European Union, SAARC, BRICS, African Union, International Federation of Journalists etc. The students assume the roles of delegates & roleplay as Diplomats of countries to discuss and find solutions to issues plaguing the 21 st Century as a part of the aforementioned organisations.

What are committees?

Committees refers to the International Organisations / Plenary sessions in which the participating students would be roleplaying as delegates & discussing and debating on current International Topics.

What are the benefits for students?

Platforms like Diplomathon have huge Academic & Non-Academic benefits to participants. Such conferences help students improve their Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, Listening Skills, Negotiation Skills. All participants receive a participation certificate which also helps students to build their CV. Such conferences compensate for the CAS hours of IBDP students as well

What does a child get for participation

Every participant receives a Participation Certificate at the end of the 2 days of Conferencing.

How to invite Team Diplomathon to the school?

The team travels exclusively to carry out complimentary workshops on the Importance & Relevance of International Relations prior to the conference in any Country, State or City. For more details on how to invite team Diplomathon to your school, write to us at

What does a school get for participation?

Every participating school receives a Diplomathon Certificate.

How is a school Nominated?

Every school is Nominated via an exclusive backend procedure & in association with Partner Organisation involved with the conference

How does one win?

Every Participant is graded on various parameters including but not limited to Content of Speech, Foreign Policies, Rules of Procedure, Communication skills. The delegate in the committee which scores the highest across these parameters is declared as the winner for the committee

How many winners at the conference?

Every committee excluding the IFJ has 3 winners – Best Delegate, High Commendation, Special Mention. The IFJ has 2 winners – Best Journalist, Best Photographer

How is the winning contingent decided?

The school contingent which wins maximum awards across committees & receives the highest points in correspondence with these points is declared the winning contingent.

How does a larger contingent increase the chances of winning?

The larger the contingent, the higher the representation across the various committees. Using this simple rule, the chances of winners belonging to the same school increases across all the committees.

Is attendance on both days compulsory?


What are the inclusions in the cost?

The cost includes a Complimentary Training Session on Rules of Procedure & Format of Debate, Meals on the days of the conference, Delegate Kit, Conference Material. For more clarity on what are the inclusions of the closest Diplomathon conference, write to us at

Is there a selection procedure?

No, there is no selection or shortlisting procedure for the conference.

Does the school need to be involved in MUNs prior to participation?

As a part of creating awareness of such conferences, we at Diplomathon encourage the participation of First Time Participants at the conference & hence, the schools need not be involved with MUNs prior to their participation.

Does a student need to be experienced?


What is the Payment Procedure?

All payments for the conference are carried out either via Bank Transfer / Cheque / DD

What is it in for the Teachers?

All participating teachers are provided with a Faculty Advisor Certificate for their role in the conference and can be a part of the conference to understand how to implement Diplomathon Global in their own schools as well.

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