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About us

Diplomathon Global / About us

The Objective

Diplomathon Global aims to provide high impact learning platforms via workshops, conferences, student exchange programmes & international competitions to K-12 schools using experiential learning (Link to what the word means) to help students prepare for the future & enable them to embrace continuous innovation, seek out fresh perspectives, harness the power of communication, and prosper through constant change. We aim at skilling students with knowledge on multiple disciplines right from the moral principles of sustainability & global citizenship to the analysis of various current & future industries and sectors

Why Diplomathon

Being awarded by various International Organisations, (Link to Awards) Diplomathon Global is one of Asia’s leading platform providing experiential learning services to equip students across geographies with future fluencies. With the aim of being accessible, we provide our services to over 1200+ Educational Institutions across 12+ Countries. Through our flagship simulation conferences students across grades role-play as ambassadors of nations, heads of states & C – Level executives of companies to discuss global situations like Technology Disruption, Sustainable Living, Resource Scarcity, Economic Challenges, Humanitarian Crises etc. from multiple perspectives after being trained by our award winning team. Not only do students receive insightful views on various industries, Diplomat & Delegate registration options allows students to choose trainings more suited to their needs. Through our programmes, students enhance life skills such as:

  • Professional Etiquette & Communication
  • Cross Cultural Awareness
  • Research Methodology & Analytical Skills
  • Networking
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Problem Solving

Our Expertise

Our capabilities are focused on delivering, consulting and implementing services to educational institutes in areas of experiential learning, future fluencies, program design, multidisciplinary opportunities & impact assessment. Diplomathon Global brings together the extensive experience of working with various K-12 & Higher Education Institutions across the globe. Our Key Strengths and Expertise are summarized below:

Solution Architects for Experiential Learning: We specialize in curating & executing experiential learning solutions that meet academic and non academic requirements of educational institutions that align with the present & future education infrastructure

360 Degree Solution Provider across geographies: We provide end-to-end progressive solutions through our strategic collaborations across geographies to cater to the versatile stakeholders of the educational framework of various countries

Specialist in creating Future fluent and industry linked programs: We not only develop solutions towards experiential learning and multidisciplinary academia but create entire ecosystems that complement skill development and future fluencies amongst our beneficiaries with emphasis on understanding the nuances and mechanisms of multiple industries

Proven Expertise in Multidisciplinary Academic Platforms: Through our transnational collaborations and inhouse innovations, our touch point services have helped over 240+ Educational Institutions get introduced to various events, platforms and services which have helped our beneficiaries strive for holistic development

The Team

Diplomathon Global