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Diplomathon Global World Programme

Diplomathon Global / Diplomathon Global World Programme

Diplomathon Global World Programme


We’re back this year, with the Diplomathon Global World Programme to give students the tools to explore sustainable skills & build global competencies through dialogue. In this three day conference, students from Grades 3 to 12 from schools across 60 countries shall discuss strategies and tactics by way of interdisciplinary simulations that’ll help them gain insightful views on various industries & global scenarios.  

Dates: December 3, 4 & 5

Registration Procedure:

  • Step 1: Host a Complimentary Orientation & Complete Registrations (upto 21st October)
  • Step 2: Pre Conference Trainings & Practise Session 
  • Step 3: Welcome to Diplomathon Global World Programme

To view a brief highlight of the conference key features, watch this short video:

Register Now! Feel free to email us at for any assistance required or Contact Ms. Nain Merchant +91-9987769665

Date: December 3, 2021
Duration: 3 Days